In my last post, I presented the SNK Neo-Geo Arcade Stick Pro I received for my B-Day. You may recall I wrote: “I can’t wait to play Metal Slug on my ASP! Sorry, I have to go back kicking some asses now…”. Well, my premonition fulfilled, and I can now play Metal Slug and Metal Slug 2! SNK has released un-locking keys for these two iconic games of the Neo-Geo, and the install is trivial.

Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro - New Games (1)

Download and copy the key files from the Internet onto a USB key. Plug the key into the Arcade Stick Pro and boot it. From there, enter the system menu, select unlock, et voila! This is really cool and lets us foresee future unlocks and updates coming from SNK. I love my Arcade Stick Pro even more.

Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro - New Games (2)