I admit I fell for it. I found the complete French-dubbed Capitaine Flam DVD set. Yeah, that’s pure and shameless nostalgia 😊. For the non-francophones, Capitaine Flam is Captain Future, the character created by Mort Weisinger and Leo Margulies in 1939. The captain’s adventures were published in the homonym pulp during the early ‘40s. In 1978, Tôei Animation studios created the anime in Japan, which in turn was broadcast all over the world. That’s where we – an entire generation – collided with Flam and had the title song engraved into our memories (you can infect yourself here. @Steph: I will tell you if I agree about the bad aging 😉. Just to hit rock bottom, I used the opportunity to grab also Ulysses 31 (ユリシーズ・31) and the City Hunter anime movies (シティーハンター). I think I am set for a while.

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