I organize my blog posts in collections or categories if you prefer. This way, if you are interested only in one topic, you can select it in the side menu, and filter out what would be noise to you. Feel welcome to leave your comments or more interestingly, to share your own experience and memories about the topics. I always make my posts personal with relevant anecdotes. Please do the same in your comment! And don’t forget to subscribe so you won’t miss my future posts! The collections available are listed below.

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Electronics & Other DIY Projects

Electronics & DIY

In this collection, I review my electronics and do it yourself projects. No need to be an engineer to enjoy the posts published under this collection. To the contrary! I try to make these posts as simple and fun as possible. Examples of topics are 3D printing, electronics kits, single-board computers, and way more. For example, have you heard about windows that you can open and close with a simple flick of a switch?

Vintage Computers & Calculators

MITS ALTAIR 8800 - (3)

I present and review computers and calculators from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s in this collection. I started using computers in the early ’80s, and I do it day-in and day-out for a living. You guessed it, I love computers, really! why? Because if you have a computer, and power to feed it, your imagination is the limit to whatever you may want to create!

Aviation & Related Topics


When  I was a kid, I wanted to be a pilot! Instead, I became a computer scientist and engineer. The good news is that modern airplanes are really flying computers. And the best news is that with today’s technical progress, I can play with both at the same time. Examples of such projects are high-altitude balloons and high-power rocketry. Of course, I also cover airshows and air museums here.

Computers & Codes in Movies


Did you ever wonder if those scrolling lines of codes and blinking LEDs in movies are BS or the real thing? Well, you won’t have to guess anymore, just follow this collection. Especially if it is a non-trivial or obvious code or computer sighting, I will track it down to its origin. So, sit back, grab a snack, relax, and enjoy!

RPGs & More…


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) is THE role-playing game I used to play with my friends when we were kids. It really was a great experience and we made amazing memories. In this collection, I am sharing about RPGs and any related topics. If you embraced AD&D in the ’80s instead of considering the players as a bunch of Satanists, then this collection is for you. For example, did you know that Hasbro & Netflix released a Stranger things themed AD&D starter kit?

Press Related, and more…

Seminal Article - (4)

In another life, I was a journalist. In fact, once a journalist, a journalist forever! This maxim is so true to me, that I cannot resist the temptation to write about a good book or a great magazine issue. Before the Internet wiped-out the print press, there was a magazine for any topic you could imagine. The same way Google searches will return a zillion pages for any topic we can think of. This means that topics for this collection are infinite!

Expositions, Conventions & More…

What Remains to Keep - (24)

Maker fairs, COMIC Cons, Retrogaming expositions, or museum exhibits have their home in this collection. I will gladly share here photos and videos of anything that catches my eye in an event. This way, you will be able to attend them remotely.


b-day at cannon beach - (1)

I post in this collection my most personal topics, sightings, or thoughts. If you want to know me better, this is the collection you should read. Ah, and if you wonder what the name /dev/null means, it is the name of the NULL device of the UNIX and derivative operating systems. If you don’t know UNIX, think about it as the trashbin!


I hope you will enjoy my blog and find cool topics and valuable information. You should be able to access all the pictures, videos and audios I am sharing. Feel free to download them and to use them. If you do so, I will be grateful if you link my blog.