If you follow a bit of what I am posting here, you might have guessed that I am a retro-computing fanboy. And, for a retro-computing fan, original and working hardware and software are paramount. Nonetheless, understanding what was the environment – or ecosystem if you prefer – was during the lifetime of your study system is key. To do so, one of the best ways is to read the old fresh news. And if you have the collection bug, then you will seek the vintage prints (indeed, you can likely find almost everything that was ever published as a PDF on the web today). For personal computers, the seminal magazine is definitively the Jan 1975 issue of Popular Electronics. You could discover on the front page the first public presentation of the ALTAIR 8800. In Feb 1975, the second part of the article was published. Then, in its Nov issue, Popular Electronics was disclosing the ALTAIR 680. Enjoy!