My name is Jamel. Thank you for visiting my site. Let me say a few words about me as an introduction. Kid, I had the chance to travel and live all around the globe, so I’ve spent a lot of time watching and observing. This made me like science and technology above all. The first, because it helps us answer the “why” questions (later, I also learned that it does that by adding more “whys” to the list, so it keeps us going). The second, because it helps us do stuff. And both together is pure fun! As a teenager, I was fortuitous to witness the birth of the home computer and fell in love with the tool. Some of you may know that, but being a geek in the ’80s was not as cool as it is today. In particular, I recall my French teacher questioning the interest anyone may have for these machines. I remember my answer: provided that you have a computer and a power source, you can achieve anything. I still stand by my answer today as an engineer. I hope that after this quick intro, the topics of my posts will not surprise you: vintage computing devices, electronics & DIY, space and aviation, etc. I was wondering what could illustrate it all. I’ve picked a short video taken from my near-space experiment, showing the popping of the helium balloon and the beginning of the uncontrolled re-entry. If you think along the same line, enjoy!