Let me share a quick update this week on one of my projects. A month or so ago I’ve presented my TinyDuino micro-computer stack and without unveiling the purpose I had in mind for it, I’ve simply mentioned that its small size and extreme lightweight made the difference – in addition of course for the compute and sensing capabilities. So today the cloak of mystery is lifted! We are going up, once again. I’ve just finished building a rocket for this purpose. In addition to the Altimeter 2 – that I am using as a reference in-flight data logger – the TinyDuino will run my flight parameter data collection code. The board stack has gone thru a slight modification since last month. The CR1632 was replaced with a tiny battery because I could not power reliably the sensors and the micro-sim boards simultaneously (I’ve spent a while finding out that there was no bug in my code, but simply not enough power to run reliably in non-connected mode). Even though next week if the 4th of July, the launch will likely not happen before fall. First, because I still need to build the electronics bay – and also try including a video recorder –, but more importantly, because the last thing I want to do is starting a fire! Indeed, with the drought conditions and heat waves we are experiencing here in the Pacific North West, rocketeers must be more careful than usual. So the time, assuming I can find the time for it, I will dig-up yet another cool computer. Stay fresh and tuned.