I do not know for you, but I really cannot conceive life without a computer. And I mean a real computer here, not a phone, not a tablet, not a watch, nor a smart wearable. A Personal Computer!

Upgrade my Workstation - (1)Upgrade my Workstation - (2)

The big thing with a keyboard, a bit processor, a lot of memory and storage. This weekend, I decided to upgrade by faithful PC I’ve built three years ago. Indeed, after finally upgrading from Windows 7 to 10, I’ve noticed a significant increase in the average CPU utilization. Sure, my rig had some juice left, but I had the opportunity to do it now. The transplant went smoothly, and I surprised myself with the cleanness of the build I made (my case if fully closed, so it’s been three years I didn’t peek in it). Et voila, I am now set for the next five years I believe!