I was excavating in the garage in search of a device I am planning to present here in a few weeks. During this time travel, I found my very first mouse! It was made by Microsoft and it cost me an arm. I have two data points to back this strong assertion. First: I religiously kept the mouse – including the Paint Brush 1.0 floppies shipped with the beast (alas not the box). Second: I also kept my receipt from FNAC. I bought the mouse in 1989 when I was living in France. I used a calculator from INSEE (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) to evaluate how much I paid in today’s currency, accounting for the erosion in purchasing power. And the cost of my arm was, tada!, 410 euros (a whopping $460 today). For a mouse!!!  (http://www.insee.fr/fr/service/reviser/calcul-pouvoir-achat.asp). But I do not regret it since I used this mouse with Windows 2.11 to make press illustrations using Corel DRAW! 1.10. It really was the state of the Art with its Bézier curves. And it was on a simple PC! In the same vein, I also added few pics of my first sound card – also from Microsoft –, It was in the early ’90s when the multimedia experience was to watch a mesmerizing video clip large as a stamp, but with PCM sound. Enjoy your WE!