I was introduced to Dumpster Diving (DD) a few decades ago by a good friend. A terra incognita, ready for exploring and charting! Before going forward, I must precise that we are talking dumpster with no bio-hazards here. I am a shallow dumpster diver, and I avoid deep waters. No biological. Whichever you go after, if you want to dive, beware! Safety is in the number, so don’t dive solo. As a vintage computer & calculator enthusiast, I practice DD on a regular basis. During these numerous dives, I met many fellow dumpster divers around the world. Diving in clubs or with friends has another positive side effect: you build a diver network. And networks are great especially when your interests don’t overlap. A few weeks ago, a colleague went diving on one of our favorite dive spots. He caught me a lovely HP-10B! Small fry for my buddy, he graciously gave me his day’s fishing. Merci! A quick word on this ichthyology finding: this entry business model, introduced in 1988, is from the first series (orange silkscreen) and was made during the 48th week of 1996 in Malaysia. It is in great condition and was released in a tank where he can frolic with the 50th Anniversary edition HP-14B I’ve presented a few weeks ago.