As soon as you have more than one AV device to drive with remote control, you, unfortunately, need a salad bowl to store them. Universal remote controllers tried to solve this issue for many years. A few days ago, our previous Kliker – the little name of our universal remote controllers – started to misbehave (he felt few times on the ground, and had a very badly placed touch screen, poor thing), so it was time to replace it. We went with the same brand – didn’t find a better one yet – and the newest Elite model. It is great and tutti quanti. In particular, the device is much better designed than the previous touch version. Good job! But if I am writing this note today, it is because of the quality of the new software stack. I went through many versions of the Logitech Harmony setup software, but this time, they really hit the mark. First, you can perform the setup on your mobile phone. Second, the Hub gives you access to the devices via the network. Third, you can copy your settings from a previous device/setup. All this put together, the setup was done before the remote battery was charged to the quarter! If you played with such devices in the past, you will certainly appreciate it. Not all is pink though, I am still unable to connect to the Nest for example. Well, this gives me something to hack. Kliker is dead, long live to Kliker!