While I am waiting for the last parts I am missing to fire up mu Joule, I made the decision to go with a heat sink to cool down the beast. Intel gives the option of using the heat sink shipped with the development kit, or to pick a fan to do the job. Although a fan sounds better, in my projected use case, it is not. Indeed, this Joule will be used as an advanced telemetry platform for the high-power rocket I am building. And if on a bench or desk, you can probably accommodate anything, it is not the case in an environment where physics reminds itself to you. With a maximum speed simulated at 384 m/s and an acceleration of 231 m/s2 (or 23.5G), the fan is out of the picture. Installing the heatsink is pretty simple. However, I will need to work on a much stronger locking mechanism since the paperclip-like one is too weak. Next time, we should be able to see the Joule boot!