I was sorting old photos when I found a few pictures of one of my old cichlids and its babies! Kid, I always loved aquariums, and there was a time when I had a few large ones. If you love something, do it big, or don’t do it 🙂 I quickly specialized in cichlid endemic from Lake Tanganyika. Cyphotilapia frontosa, a.k.a. frontosa is a gorgeous and fascinating fish. Like many cichlids, it is a mouth breeder, which provides hours of amazing observations. I’ve seen the little fellow in the picture when it was just an egg kept in its mother’s mouth. When they etched, and as they grew, I could see the little eyes looking around. When it was big enough to put a fin out, it was funny to see him and siblings rush back into mommy’s mouth safety. Kudos to her, since during the few weeks it takes for the offspring to reach a reasonable size, the female doesn’t eat! These fish are pretty smart –they do recognize people – and they express an extraordinarily wide spectrum of behaviors. I miss my fish 🙂