While I was channel surfing, I tumbled over OtherLife directed by Ben C. Lucas, right when they deliver the brain-software techno crypto-AI-Internet BS. I had to watch, hoping for some code. Jessica De Gouw (Ren Amari) and team (super limited team, at best they serve her coffee since she is a coding genius) are rushing to release OtherLife within 5 days. Note that despite all the amazing technical prowess these movies try to sell us, software release is still a big mess and SW is still buggy {we are doomed 🙂 ! }. But since she is good, she finds THE timing bug after staring at the screen of her Mac for few seconds only. Why not, this is not about the plot or the movie itself. In fact, my point is quite positive, especially if you consider that the “code” is visible only a few seconds. Indeed, I’ve noticed – for example in the excellent Westwold – that some production teams are not content with dumping some garbage to the screen anymore. Instead, there seems to be a genuine effort to make stuff look minimal realistic. In this case, C language is used (I can only praise them for that), and the so-called bug is squashed by returning from the function on a time condition. Yeah, not too bad! Even snow is used to decorate variables’ names (she stated that there was a bug after a snowboarding “simulation”). The rest of the code is OK, some typical OpenGL-like stuff (they must have asked the CG team for help – or it is a sample code I failed to recognize). I have only one remark: why having this in main? If we follow the movie’s logic, we are talking BIG SW here! Not a ~1k SLOC project. But as I wrote earlier, this is good, continue the effort!

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