Violent Cop (の男、凶暴につき) released in 1989 is staring Takeshi Kitano (inspector Azuma – also the movie Director) working on his anger issues in a style between Dirty Harry and a good Tarantino. Slaps are copiously delivered by Beat to the yakuza and other small scumbags. Certainly not a movie where the computer is expected to be of any use (or maybe as a blunt weapon). But, there are two scenes where we can spot two Nippon computers. The real challenge is to identify them! The first one appears right at the end of the movie when Makato Ashikawa (Kikushi) gets his palms greased by the new yakuza Boss. When he leaves the room, the secretary resumes her typing on a Sony laptop. It turns out that it is not a regular computer but a Personal Word processor (Sony PJ possibly the model 300). The second computer appears at the police station. This one is trickier to ID. If anyone knows theses systems, please enlighten us! I am hesitating between a JXPC (IBM 5511 – but it is more a home computer) and a model of the NEC PC-88 series.

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