The fourth and last season of Halt and Catch Fire is all about the people. S4 is a nice – a bit mellow – way to end this 40 episodes long drama (2014-2017). It all begins with the birth of the Personal Computer during the early ’80s and ends with the Internet e-blah-blah of the mid-’90s. A nice show on the tech industry, the computers and the engineers, geniuses, and visionaries who led us to where we are today. Hat-off to the creators Christopher x (Cantwell + C. Rogers), and the talented cast: Lee Pace (Joe MacMillan), Scoot McNairy (Gordon Clark), Mackenzie Davis (Cameron Howe) and Kerry Bishé (Donna Clark) to quote the main ones. So, why would I title this post heretics? Because they ruined it! Ok, in the first three seasons, we could spot here and there few C64s and some BASIC statements – even a few ASM dumps if memory serves me well. But how could they put Sun Microsystems SPARC workstations on almost everyone’s desk, even at home, and inlay Windows 3.0 screenshots onto 20+” CRTs? Why? Why are those windows static? And please don’t tell me you could not afford new NVRAMs to boot the pizza boxes and run at least the internet stuff on the real hardware? This is all the more disappointing that Halt And Catch Fire was The TV show that deserved paying the extra attention to details… An honorable mention: Joe MacMillan uses a Next Cube as a Post-it receptacle, a real visionary 😉 Although the production team really dropped the ball in S4, we can forgive them because after all, it is all about the people. But please, don’t do it again!