Once the vacuuming and isopropyl alcohol washing of the keyboard done, I had to clean it as thoroughly as possible. Rodent droppings are dangerous and represent a health risk, so I had to eliminate any trace leftover. This means opening up the keyboard, removing every key, disinfecting and scrubbing them one by one, not forgetting the base plate and mounting mechanisms. The build quality of the keyboard is nice and was easy to dismount (I used an IC remover). Check out the pics for details. One interesting point: the plastics of the entire system turned yellow, which is a classic phenomenon of bromide-enriched plastics exposed to UV rays. But they did in a non-uniform way. The computer faceplate was the most damaged, followed by the keyboard enclosure (top part), the space key and the grey keys. However, all the white keys (letters) and the grey keys of the numerical keypad were fine. Interesting to see how Sony used different types of plastics in his system. Because I remembered my HB-F500F as it was 30-ish years ago, I decided to RetrObright it. More on this in the next post. Enjoy the pictures!