What do you do the day after Xmas? You play with your new toy! My wife offered me a CASIO FX-890P pocket computer. If you read my posts, you must know by now that I have a weakness for these computers, mainly if they use an out of norm programming language. I share already about LISP, PROLOG, PASCAL, FORTRAN-like, or CASL machines in the past. The FX-890P is programmable in C language. So, in the same device, I have already two of my favorites, as well as an x86 16-bit microprocessor – and its assembler (Intel 80L188EB). This machine is a perfect match for the RP-33 32KB memory expansion module that I installed swiftly (adding to the basic 64KB). With this model. I own all C-programable pocket computer ever made! One day, I will write my book dedicated to these little marvels. But that’s for later. For now, I can tell that the FX-890P, cousin of the Z1s, has a better display quality. I am still looking for some evidence of some variation in the C interpreters (yeah, not compiled). The other C pocket computer manufacturer is SHARP. The other thing I can share with you right now is that the editor and the approach of C by CASIO are superior to the SHARPs. In particular, CASIO doesn’t need line numbers! I don’t know why the SHARP interpreters depend upon this archaism carried over from BASIC. Well, for now, I will take my shot of C. Enjoy your holidays.