I recently found several new and exciting AD&D – or related – items of interest. The first one is the Red box starter kit released during the mid-’80s. A great game kit to get into the AD&D universe. I still have my copy (a French edition by Jeux Descartes), and it brings me back plenty of good memories each time I see the box in my library. Hasbro gaming, alongside Wizards of the Coast and Netflix, had the brilliant idea to edit a Red box starter kit themed Stranger Things! This really cool move doesn’t come out from the blue, as you may remember the opening of S1E1 where we see the kids are playing AD&D. Let’s bet that this will bring many new Stranger Things fans into AD&D gaming.

The kit is faithful to the original and contains all the elements required to play: The Stranger things adventure book, the rulebook, 5 characters sheets, and 6 dice. It also includes two Demogorgon figurines!

Not a new product per say, but I also spotted last week two AD&D scenario books published by Goodman Games. Into the Borderlands and The Isle of Dread. Both are nice hardcover reprints of multiple modules. A great idea as finding these modules is not trivial, and they may sell for a hefty cost.