ça vole toujours en escadrille”. The French readers likely recognized a famous quote from former president Jaques Chirac. In English, it reads like: “problems are like fighter jets, they always fly in squadrons.” In my case, this means that my workstation died again. I’ve spent the last couple of months healing the patient. I’ve checked everything, including the memory, the storage, and even the motherboard. Each one of these trials was driven by the cryptic BSOD error messages proudly displayed by Windows. Memory error, thread error, IRQ error, no system disc, you named it. And of course, these messages are useful as tits on bulls. Helpful as always Microsoft, good job guys. Ah yes, and the cherry on the cake, was the infamous combo: reset this PC … Oh, wait, I cannot reset this PC (after doing god knows what for a half-hour). In the end, the situation was so dire that I had nothing else to change or check, but was greeted by a BSOD at each power-on. I’ve asked friends’ help, because sometimes, fresh eyeballs may see something your eyes can’t anymore. It turned out that the Nvidia driver for my new graphics card, which crashed the first time I’ve installed it, screwed-up the Windows registry so severely, that Windows completely lost its marbles. I can already hear you saying, “just re-install everything, it will make your system fly.” Yeah, that’s what I did in fine, but Microsoft is so cool, that each time you do so, you lose a license because it doesn’t recognize your old system. Especially Microsoft Office! At this point, my workstation is back from hell, and I am going thru the painstaking re-installation, re-configuration, re-activation process. I should be fine until the next Windows update.