With my partner in crime, we went to the Oregon International Air Show in McMinnville. Usually, the show takes place in Hillsboro next to work, so we just pop in on Friday evening. This time, we had to travel for an hour or so and had to spend most of the day because I really wanted to see the F-35A lightning II in action. In comparison to Hillsboro, the McMinnville edition of the show had way less static expositions and was maybe more focused on live flights. Besides. It was a good and entertaining show.


This exhibition – no static, unfortunately, too sensitive of a technology I suppose – was really why we changed our habits this year. And it worth it! What an airplane! A good demonstration of the impressive performance was when the F-35 flew by a Mustang P51D, while a few seconds before, it crossed the sky, leaving no time to my camera to focus on it! A first in the last five years of Air Show.







Static Ground Displays

This is one of the weakest parts of the show this year. There was a limited set of airplanes, and many were decommissioned. Maybe this is a consequence of the proximity – literally across the road – of the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. Too bad, because I appreciate the opportunity to capture close-ups of airplanes and choppers. Nonetheless, I can share with you a few interesting details.


In the Air

Contrary to the ground display, the performances were impressive. Enjoy this small selection, focussing on the performers and their planes.


Get A Good Feel

To conclude this year’s air show post, I am adding a random pick of pictures taken during the show. Although there is no common object to these, I hope it will give you a feeling, like if you were there today.