Created by Damon Lindelof, Watchmen, the TV series (2019) is directly inspired by the comics. I loved the eponym movie by Zack Snyder (2009). The TV series is remarkable. The fantastic cast supports an excellent storyline. Regina King is simply incredible! The show also has the merit to bring into the light an ugly episode of our countries past: the Tulsa massacre of 1921. I am sure that I am not the only one who learned about these events watching the show…

To avoid ruining your experience, I will say no words about the plot. Jeremy Irons plays an eccentric Adrian Veidt. For the smartest man, he is quite dumb. After all these years, you won’t believe it, but he uses the same password: RAMESES II. This unfortunate choice will cost him, but I let you find out why.

Watchmen (8)

What I can share here though, is that Adrian has a line of dumb terminals under his own brand! Nice attention to the detail production team. Although I cannot formally identify the model, it could be a VT50-class DEC terminal. If I have a piece of single advice to you: watch the watchmen!

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