Last time I flew our drone, the weather was windy, and the experience was a bit on the rough side. Nothing drastic as a crash or so, but I noticed that the gimbal’s vibration-reducing mounting suffered some damage. So, this morning, I finally decided to do some repairs and preventive maintenance.

I used the opportunity to install a light strobe so that I can increase the drone’s visibility at all times. It turned out that the repair was minor and needed just a tweezer to reseat the rubber shock absorber on the gimbal side. Easy peasy!

However, when I checked the LiPo batteries, one of them swell slightly. When you know that these puppies are quite dangerous and sensitive, I will keep a close eye on it and definitively store it in a LiPo fire protection bag. This surprise – less refreshing than an Easter egg – reminded me that it is critical to perform preventive maintenances, so we are ready to fly safe and sound when it is possible again.