In 2003 Alex Herbert announced a limited edition of Defender for Vectrex (Protector LE). Arguably, this is one of the best Vectrex games you can find today. It is well done, fast, and makes the vector display shine – unlike any picture or video that would ever be able. Unfortunately, by now, all the one hundred copies are sold, and you can spot one owned by Techmoan, and I believe Metal Jesus Rocks. Good for them, but a bit discouraging for us mortals, as I don’t see any reason why we could tumble on used ones. Luckily, in 2016, a non-limited version was re-edited. This second edition is excellent news as we can find these cartridges on the secondhand market.

Protector Vectrex - (1)

Contrary to the LE, this one doesn’t come with a screen overlay. If you don’t want to make one for yourself – or don’t care all together –, you can buy one from various sellers. I got mine on eBay here. A second game, Y*A*S*I – Yet Another Space Invader –, comes on the cartridge. Meh, not what makes this significant to me. Nice touch: a constant memory records your score. A cool feature that doesn’t speak volumes to me, as I suck so much that I hardly can beat myself.