As a retro computing aficionado, I try to keep old systems as authentic as possible. Therefore, if I apply a mod to a machine, I make it reversible. But, sometimes, I want to go in the opposite direction and bring an old system up to date. This transformation is what I will attempt with an Apple II during the next weeks. As a starting point, I selected one of the most recent models I own: a 1989 Apple IIe Platinum (A2S2128). As always, I started with a full disassembly and will follow-up with a deep clean-up.

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Then, for this specific project, I will upgrade the power supply, so I can go bold in adding and modifying expansion boards. Some of them will draw substantial current, so better be safe than sorry. After all, this is a 31 years old computer. This project will be successful if I can use this machine for productivity – software and hardware – as well as for advanced gaming. Let’s break out the soap bar, and stay tuned!

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