In a previous post dedicated to audio cards available to pimp my Apple 2, I mentioned that there are several modern options in the market. Check them out there (here). I also gave a heads-up that my final pick for audio card, a MEGA Audio by (with some serious RGB puke – pimping obliges), was in the mail. Well, today it finally reached me. In less than a jiffy, I relocated the Mockingboard v2.2 from ReActiveMicro into my Apple //e Enhanced and installed the MEGA Audio into the Platinum. Bam!

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Besides the mesmerizing RGB LEDs and the optional bar graph unit – a must-have for pimping, and yes, you can switch it off –, the MEGA is a fantastic board. In one small package, you can emulate a S.A.M (8-bit DAC), an A.L.F (three SN76489N), or a Mockingboard (two AY-3-8910), at the same time. From the board configuration menu, you can assign any of the emulated boards to any of the slots in your Apple. You can even define a dual-Mockingboard system, just for Ultima V, or even a quad-S.A.M configuration! Other bonus: the card emulated the Apple 2 speaker, without needing a connection to the mtherboard via a cable as it is the case with the Mockingboard. Less clutter is always welcome. The MEGA works as expected, and for sure, it will remain in my Platinum. If you are intrigued by the Unicorn Puke, here are a few details: the color cycling speed of the RGB LEDs is a function of the audio signal (frequency of the sound of all the channels). The bar graph displays the level of all analog outputs and combines them cleverly, so you can know what plays at what level (even in a multi-card configuration).

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Today’s post closes the audio pimping chapter. Next time we will look into the Apple 2, we will do some useful work and look at really cool hardware boards. Stay tuned!

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