If you own and use one of the arguably first laptop computers – derived from the Kyocera Kyotronic 85 – you may be interested in this tip. For your reference, I presented a few of these fantastic machines here. What was great about these devices was that you could power them using just four AA batteries – or a similar battery pack as my NEC PC-8201A. But we can do better! You surely have a USB power bank sitting somewhere. Wouldn’t it be great to use it to power your portable machine(s) during the long haul? Without having to carry packs of batteries or a bunch of power adapters?

Guess what? Musicians have similar issues and BirDCord, an Austrian company (here), has several USB power adapters we can use for our vintage computers! For my specific need, I picked the Birdcord USB to 6V Converter Cable, which conveniently has the proper voltage and polarity for all my derived systems. I thought it was worth sharing this tip with you.