I shared under my /dev/null collection my esteem for Space:1999 and Brian Johnson’s eagle one space ship (here). Today, I received my long-awaited 5” V.I.P. eagle one by Sixteen 12 Collectibles Ltd from their new Delux Toy Collection (here). A feat, knowing that between the announcement, pre-orders, the manufacturing magic, and shipping, a pandemic invited itself into the story 😊. In fine, this gives fans yet another eagle one source and experience. And this one, you can keep on your desk and enjoy it day-in-day-out, contrary to the bigger diecast models.

The 5” model is made of plastic with aluminum used for the engine bells—a lovely touch. The details are impressive and look much better than my pictures (sorry, new phone, I need to tame the beast). The pod is detachable and can be inserted/removed easily with some flexing of the ship’s frame. I have only one regret: I wish it were a tad heavier. Excellent job, thank you, Sixteen 12!