A friend of mine offered me his Toshiba Libretto 100 CT with a bag of great accessories! It goes without saying that I felt a bit as if it was Xmas before Xmas. I used to own a Libretto model 50 that I bought in Japan – unfortunately, it died on me years ago – so getting a working Libretto was a real treat. And my friend took good care of his machine, so all worked out of the bag. I just had to power it up, et voilà! In addition to an NIC extension card, I’ve inherited two floppy drives as well as a DVD player/CD-ROM burner, and an extra battery and a docking station. These micro-laptops are really practical. Even though the 100 is slightly bigger than the 50 (not sure about the 70), it is still very portable. I recall carrying my 50 all around (used it as a terminal – as well as my friend). They came with Windows 95 pre-installed, but it was possible to install Linux. If I recall well, most of the basic features were still usable, but Windows gave you access to all the laptop-specific features. I remember blessing Windows because the shortcuts were all the same whatever the OS language was. When I replaced the original Japanese version with a US one, this turned to be extremely handy. As usual with Toshiba, the quality of the build is remarkable and very forgiving of any mistreatment.