I came across a very interesting tool for Arduino Uno that I cannot resist sharing with you today. It is the UnoArduSim that you can download from here https://www.sites.google.com/site/unoardusim/home. It is developed by Stan Simmons, retired from the department of electrical and computer engineering at Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada. In the short, it is an Arduino Uno board and an electronic workbench simulation software for Windows.

The program is very neat and requires no installation. Simply download, check for viruses, unzip and run the executable. Not only you immediately have a virtual Uno board at your mouse tip – the simulation seems pretty complete, and 3 versions are supported –, but more interestingly, you have access to a set of components, peripherals, and tools that you can connect to the virtual Uno. Hence the term of workbench! In the simulator’s editor, you can enter and edit your program, compile it and upload it to the virtual board. From there, you can debug your application as usual – or even animate its execution, as I did to capture a few of the videos posted. This program is really cool and is a perfect teaching tool! Using the simulator, one can create a set of labs to teach kids electronics, and use the simulator for debugging – or simply to work if you are short on parts!