As in my first gizmology post, I went to my preferred gizmo source next to home yesterday. Sure I found a couple of scrap boards that looked promising. For $1 each, it was a no brainer, I had to grab them. There is always a set of components that I can certainly re-use in future projects at minima. So off I go with my two mystery gizmos-es. It is always exciting to me to see if I can bring a device back to life and find out its purpose. One of this week’s mystery gizmos-es had all the promising features I am always looking for. A display, any interface, ideally an entry device and, the cherry on the cake, some form of storage. Although no information was available, by simply feeding a reasonable 5vdc to the board thru the battery interface, et voila! The beast came to life after pressing what looked like power on/off switch. Going thru the options displayed on the screen immediately pointed to some camera/video interface. Though not all the options were making sense – for a camera.


Although no serigraphy on the board helped to better understand the functionalities of the device (besides a date code and name: 2011 TGC Controller MP), I’ve noticed that the LCD swiftly displayed a logo during power on. Paying more attending at boot, I could read Leupold and even caught a web site. Well, this gizmo is part of some hunting gear for sure, but nothing on the web page seemed to fit the form factor. By searching a bit more trying to hone onto controllers of a sort, I rapidly found the RCX controller that fit the bill. This controller is used to manage the brand’s RCX trail cameras. Now all the features make perfect sense! Mystery solved.