This year’s Rose City Comic Con was a great edition (Rose City is one of the other names of Portland, Oregon). Fans could meet in the flesh the legendary Stan Lee, as well as starts such as Ning Na Wen, Billy Boyd, Chad Coleman, Denise Crosby, Joan & John Cusack or Jon Bernthal! Great opportunities! However, for the price of a ticket, you have the opportunity to meet a plethora of great artists and discover their work & style. It is really great to be able to chat and watch them drawing in affront of you. A lot of talent. Last but not least, it is also a great occasion to witness the efforts made by the public/fans of the convention and contribute to the spirit of a successful Con. From the experienced cos-players to the shiest kids that came up with some sort of disguise, the palette was wide and colorful. That’s so really cool. But better than a long speech, why don’t you have a look at a few pictures I took today? Enjoy!