As mentioned in an earlier post, I went to a great vintage electronics garage sale this WE. I found several user and technical manuals. I have a couple of great IBM-PC XTs, but not many of the original SW bundles. I will have to post on my XT since it has a little story attached to it. It is the very system we used at Intel during summer 2001 for the European press tour organized for the 20th Anniversary of the IBM Personal Computer. Surprisingly, it has survived the roadshow! Now I can add to the HW, few cool SW packages. The one I am presenting here is the IBM BASIC Compiler (by Microsoft) version 1.0. This is a cool find because it has its original documentation as well as the floppy disks. Sure, one can certainly find disk images on the web, but now I have the original SW to go with the HW! In addition – and you have certainly spotted it on the pictures – I also found an Intel C8087-3 FPU! Not sure I can use it as-is to add some math genius to my XT, but if I recall well, it has a socket to receive the co-processor.