I’ve spent the morning at a retro-gamer show*, so I only have a short update at this point. As planned, I’ve received my XT30 connectors a few days ago, and I’ve tested the 1.4Ah LiPo battery I’ve shown last week (next to the way-too-big one rated 5.2Ah).

It was all good, but since it is a 3S model, I was not confident it will allow the UBEC to deliver seamlessly and continuously the 12V required by the Joule. I finally decided to use an even smaller 1Ah LiPo battery, but a 4S one, which delivers 14.8V. This battery is really small, light and will fit snugly in the rocket’s electronics bay. Next time, I will start laying down the various computers on a template. I will use the opportunity to introduce these very specialized computer boards. And we will find out if they will fit, or not 🙂

* If you like old 8-bit stuff, you can find a bunch of pics in my other collections (Expositions and vintage computers)