One piece of equipment we all need in the lab for our electronics project is a set of good vises. I am using quite happily several PanaVise models 201 and 301 for years now. But for my vacation project, I’ve decided to try out the Hakko’s Omnivise PCB holders. I bought two of them because of the size of the PCB I need to hold. For a smaller project, one may suffice. These vises are vertical in the sense that they hold the PCBs horizontally (see pictures) and can do it 360 degrees around. The height is adjustable in five positions and the build quality is remarkable. With a weight of three pounds, it feels very stable. The cherry on the cake, these vises are ESD safe – if you need it. I will spend some time using them during the next days. I will update this post with some real user feedback once I finished my project. Stay tuned!