A week ago, I received a notification about the Windows 10 Creators Update ready to install. Since it required that I review the privacy settings before starting, I could postpone the update until today. I decided to go ahead this morning, and really just wanted to have the latest update on my workstation. The upgrade went well without a problem. The only annoyance – it always does that –, Windows forgets my Eyefinity desktop configuration.

No problem, in 20 seconds I was back in business (the upgrade takes much longer, this is just the time needed to re-configure my multi-monitor configuration). At first glance, I found two pleasing surprises. First, you can use the virus and threats protection along with a third-party security product. This is really cool because I can now have two different sources of checks. These checks using Windows 10 will be sporadic. Really cool! The second good surprise is about Edge – the new Microsoft web browser. It is really fast and allows you to annotate any web page. A fine feature these days where everything is web-based! However, it is not enough to make Edge my default browser yet, but it definitively gets onto the map! Overall, this update is cool.