Quick update on last week’s post about the rocket’s e-bay (electronics bay) new layout. I’ve spent many hours last week to print several versions of the support cylinder. I had to tweak the dimensions of the model to allow an easy fit into the e-bay fiberglass shell, but otherwise, all went great (weight, flexibility, and geometry). I’ve faced a serious printing issue when I tried to use support (PVA on the picture, but it is not a filament issue). Indeed, the CURA slicer – in version 2.3.1 – goes bananas on the model, and generated floating support in the holes! Obviously, that did not print well (check out the picture for details). Luckily, the design can print without support. However, when I will add the support surfaces for the electronic boards, I will have to create them manually… Let’s hope that Ultimaker can fix the bug soon. In the meantime, I will design the central battery holder next. Stay tuned and happy 4th!

PS: it took 25 hours to print the full-scale model (~10.5 MB STL file).