After spending many hours during the last two weeks to 3D print prototype parts for my rocket project, I’ve decided to do something more beautiful. If you are following other of my collections on G+, you may know that I am a visual guy so I believe that once you can visualize a problem, you understand it better, like in the video linked below, extracted from a post on the first symbolic calculator.


I fired up Mathematica and created a 3D shape representing a contour plot of an equation. The command is:

model = ContourPlot3D[Cos[x] Sin[y] + Cos[y] Sin[z] + Cos[z] Sin[x] == 0, {x, -π, π}, {y, -π, π}, {z, -π, π}, PlotTheme -> "ThickSurface"]. 

Once the answer is produced, with the latest release, you can directly print it in 3D (either to your printer or to several professional printing shops – reminds me of the early presentation software sending your slides to Ekta imagers in the 80s. To do so, a simple Printout3D[model] suffices. A day and a half later – including dissolution –, et voilà!