Many years ago, I took on the foolish project to build an RC helicopter. I didn’t go very far. I just secured an O.S. Max 61-H thermal engine and the fiberglass shell (a Bell Jet Ranger). Way too expensive at the time (1986). But I don’t give up easily. Technology improvements – as well as advancing in age – made it possible to revisit this kid project. We acquired a hexacopter for Xmas (in July) with various projects in mind. 30-some years later, I can say “Mission accomplished!!”.

The Yuneec Typhoon H is a hell of a kit. Well designed and built the hexacopter is quite big compared to other popular models. The kit itself is comprehensive and ready to fly. Only a neck strap and a few over caps are missing. But really a detail that can easily be fixed. Best bang for the buck!