In 1984, our AD&D Gang espoused the city of Sanctuary as the backdrop to our adventures. Sanctuary: Thieves’ World came as a game box (published by Chaosium, 1981) and contained descriptions of the world, the city, its personalities, and jewel of the crown … maps! The main three maps are covering: Sanctuary (the city), the Maze and Undergrounds. In addition, the booklets contain many more maps (Jewelers Quarter, Scriptorium, Silk Merchant, etc.). The success of Sanctuary comes from its anchoring into Thieves’ World, the shared world of the fantasy series created by Robert Lynn Asprin in the late 70s. The game was designed so it could be used with various gaming systems: AD&D of course, but many others such as RuneQuest, Tunnels & Trolls or DragonQuest. Brilliant! Unfortunately, if you are on the market for a quality copy of the box, it may cost you ~$100. But if you are a DM looking for a quality and coherent city for your campaigns, it is priceless!