I was prowling the web searching for a piece of information about the MSX standard when I tripped over a space-time rift. I found myself back in 1986 when I had my first papers published in a print magazine. Ok, today, anyone can publish anything (for the best and the worst), but there was a time when it was a non-trivial feat. The magazine was Micros ID and the issue was dated December. It all began with winning a drawing contest organized by my high school to create the cassette (yes, the magnetic tape) jacket for the game Octopuss published by VIFI International. This is how I met the gang who offered me the opportunity of a lifetime: “really, you know computers? Why don’t you write us something about this product?” From one to the other, I started my freelance career, made dear friends and in fine, became a professional journalist. What a ride, and what a blast from the past! Now a moral to the story. I lived in places and times where people were genuinely afraid of disappearing overnight – eliminated by the regime or whatnot. Nowadays, we fight for the digital right to forget (droit à l’oubli numérique) and are afraid of the trail of crumbs we leave behind all over the Internet. But when it comes to proving that you have existed, the Web’s endless memory can be a blessing.

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