While the Man in Black/William (Ed Harris/Jimmi Simpson) reveals his true nature in Westworld (S2:E9, Vanishing Point), and goes on exterminating his own lineage, Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) shows us a nice example of self-hacking. Indeed, when he finally decides to get rid of the virtual Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) that lingers in this head and makes him do bad things, he drops his big iron and connects himself to a tablet so he can delete the Ford subroutine once for all. A rapid find & replace, followed by a swift delete all, and all the FRD (Ford) packages are removed. Done! No need to reboot. This gives us the opportunity to peek at Bernard’s script. We have discovered these scripts early in the first season when the narrative of Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) was reviewed by Bernard. In the script editor used in this episode, we alas lost the syntax coloring. But the overall structure of the scripts stays consistent. Nice touch from the team. I also miss the detailed actions/reactions present in Dolores code. Instead, Bernard’s code looks very much like a plain script with a funky syntax… At least, we can spot a few other character names such as DELOS (Peter Mullan, James Delos). Go, Bernard, you are now up to date!