After disinfecting, cleaning, taking apart, fixing, bleaching my MSX2, I still needed to find out if it will power up! Clean as a whistle, and because I have a history with the HB-F500F, I’ve decided to set it up in my office next to the SGI Indigo and the Apple //e, right under the Sony KX-14CP1 CRT. A perfect spot! Because the PSU of this model designed for the French market is not universal, I must use a transformer (step-up from 110v to 220v). The HB-F500F also uses a EURO SCART (Péritel) connector – this is why I must use the Sony KX-14CP1 CRT. I could use my Micomsoft XRGB-3 (a video up scan converter) and output to a modern LCD TV, but in that case, a EURO to JAPAN SCART converter is required. But to be honest, I really wanted to use the KX-14CP1! Last step before powering up the beast: plug in the keyboard, check all connections, fire-up the monitor and … press the green power button. Guess what, the MSX2 powered-up and booted like a charm! If you are interested in what it took to revive my MSX2, check out the four other posts and their attached pics. Enjoy!