I was gifted this pocket LCD game by CASIO in 1982. The CG-10, a.k.a. Solar Shuttle has a simple story: fly the space shuttle around the earth by using gravity and the power of the sun to your advantage, while avoiding a UFO. It was quite apropos if you recall that the space shuttle’s first orbital flight (STS-1) took place in 1981. Speaking of orbital flight, the game offers multiple earth orbits you can take by managing your speed and energy stock. Note that the closer you get to the sun (higher orbits), the more energy you can store. Logically, the GC-10 takes all its power from a solar cell, so no need to use/change batteries! Really in advance compared to the other Game & Watch.



With one caveat: there are no sounds! Apparently, CASIO had several other games of the kind, reusing the same hardware: Money & Bomb, Fire Panic, Funky Pierrot, Sea Bear, Deep Jungle, Circus Kong, Circus Jumbo, Cat Hand, or Astro Zone. Final thought: although very simple – and extremely resilient – these games are really fun to play!