Counterpart is a brilliant TV show staring J.K. Simmons (Howard Silk), Olivia Williams (Emily Burton Silk), and Harry Lloyd (Peter Quayle). It is about the universe that split into two parallel universes and how they drifted apart. Add to is a hint of big brother ambiance, and you have a good show served by an excellent cast. Although we may spot a few computers here or there, tech is not a big part of the story. On the contrary, it is often low-tech or even archaic hardware. However, in S2:E1 (Inside Out), we can spot some Perl code that seems to reproduce the dialog of some conspirators, but with no real meaning. It is the first time we can spot dome code in Counterpart, so I cannot decide yet if it is a flash in the pan or something more important as we go into the second season. Wait and see!

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