Horrible games, we all seen them, maybe tried to play them. Stuart Ashen, the author, focusses on retro games, but that doesn’t mean that today’s game studio’s productions cannot be qualified as floaters. On the contrary, but that for another book I suppose. In Attack of the Flickering Skeletons, the author focuses on the Commodore, Spectrum, and other vintage computer’s most obscure – and terrible – games which are very quickly presented. The section I prefer is dedicated to the terrible old game covers that you’ve probably never seen before. This small and pretensionless book was published in 2017 by Random House UK. ISBM 978-1783524136.


And this is when you may ask: but who you think you are? How do you dare to criticize these art pieces? Well, I can, because I committed one of these atrocities during the ’80s for the game Octopuss, published by VIFI International. And this one, even Stuart missed! 😉

Octopuss - VIFI International