You love playing RPG games on your computer – you know, the AD&D-like stuff –? If so, have a look at this other remarkable book published by Bitmap Books (2019). In 528 pages, you can learn about arguably the most complete list of CRPGs in detail. Several key periods are covered. I particularly appreciated the chapters dedicated to the 75-79 and 85-89 periods (the book covers up to 2015). This excellent book, by Felipe Pepe, is the best I’ve read on the topic up to today. And I bet it will be hard to surpass.


I am fond of my favorite games’ entries such as Ultima, Wizardry, The Bard’s Tale, etc. because of the way they are constructed, illustrated and documented with key players of the period: developers, artists, journalists, etc. Wao! All the author’s profit will be donated to the Vocação charity in Brazil. Vocação helps kids and teenagers from poor areas to get education and employment, who then go on to help others around them to do the same, changing the community for the better. ISBN 978-1999353308.