If you ever used cage nuts without the right tools but bare fingers, you likely destroyed your fingernails. Those nuts and screws are integral to racks and how you install your devices. As I was preparing to move, I was not looking forward to removing all my equipment from my 19″ rack and reassembling them because of the cage nuts. That’s when I discovered the Rack Studs!  

These nylon screws – or studs – and caps replace the cage nuts and screws without having their defaults. First, they can be installed and removed from the front. No need to insert the cage nut from behind. What a relief! Second, after installing the stud, add the lock (yellow piece in the pictures below), mount the device on the studs, and screw the caps with your thumbs. That’s all. So, if you plan to mess with your rack, try them; you won’t regret it.