If you loved the John Wick movies, you may appreciate the mini-TV series The Continental: From the World of John Wick. The show tells us how Colin Woodell (Winston Scott) takes over the Continental Hotel from Mel Gibson (Cormac O’Connor). As we discover the young Winston, we meet the young Charon (played by Ayomide Adegun). I recommend watching the three episodes!

We also knew that the universe of John Wick likes retro, and the Commodore 64 in particular. Indeed, every time a contract is issued for John, they use a C64 to update the assassins worldwide. Well, in the Continental, Connor Crawford (Orson) also uses a vintage Commodore computer – a Pet – to compute statistics and run his algorithm predicting the outcome of the bloody takeover.

What he didn’t see coming is … I won’t spoil it for you; watch the series! To conclude today’s post, I owe you an apology. Indeed, I haven’t posted for the last few weeks as we are moving into our new home. If all goes as expected, we should be done by mid-December 😊.